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How to design a wedding to be featured in Style Me Pretty

Discover the steps we took to design a wedding so inspiring, it was featured in Style Me Pretty!

Join us as we unravel the elements that transformed our special day into an editorial masterpiece, providing insights into designing a wedding that earned us to be featured in Style Me Pretty.



And if that’s not enough, we’re thrilled to share that our celebration was also featured on The Knot. Relive the moments with us

The Knot Feature – Art Wedding at Wadsworth Mansion

But what’s the secret to achieving not just one, but two features? Let’s uncover the key ingredients behind our double feature.

Creating a wedding that catches the eye of prestigious publications like Style Me Pretty and The Knot isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about infusing every element with your unique love story and personality. Here’s how we turned our vision into a captivating celebration that stole the spotlight.

By focusing on authenticity, show-stopping design elements, and attention to detail we were able to create a wedding that not only captured our hearts but also caught the attention of leading wedding publications. So, if you’re dreaming of seeing your special day featured, remember to infuse it with your unique story and personality – that’s the real secret to success.


At the heart of our design was authenticity. We didn’t follow trends; instead, we stayed true to ourselves, infusing every detail with our love story. Here are some of the ways we went against the grain!

We had a Monday Wedding.

We chose to have a Monday Wedding, and while it may sound unconventional at first, let me explain why it was the perfect choice for us. Originally, our plan was to have a micro wedding in the South of France. However, like many couples, our plans shifted due to the challenges of the pandemic. Instead of abandoning the idea of a French-inspired celebration altogether, we decided to bring a touch of France to Connecticut.

One of the reasons we opted for a Monday wedding was inspired by the tradition of destination weddings, where ceremonies often take place on weekdays to accommodate guests traveling from afar. Since many of our loved ones were flying in from the South, hosting our wedding on a Monday in Connecticut made it feel like a true destination event. This allowed us to extend the celebration beyond just one day, greeting guests all weekend long and spending quality time with them at a relaxed welcome party the day before.

With a guest list of around 60, a Monday wedding was the perfect fit for our intimate celebration. Plus, there were additional perks to choosing a weekday wedding, such as off-season pricing and increased availability for vendors. Ultimately, our Monday wedding turned out to be a unique and unforgettable experience that perfectly suited our vision and circumstances.

We did not have a wedding party.

Given the intimate nature of our wedding, we wanted every guest to feel equally important and involved in our special day. Instead of having a traditional wedding party, we invited our guests to dress in attire within our chosen color palette, allowing them to be part of the celebration in a meaningful way. However, we did have our children and nieces participate as flower girls and ring bearers, adding a touch of sweetness to the occasion.

We made a few unique choices during our ceremony to enhance the experience for both us and our guests. Our officiant began by addressing our loved ones from the side, creating a more inclusive atmosphere. Additionally, we asked our families to switch sides so that my family sat on the ‘groom’s’ side and vice versa. This unconventional seating arrangement allowed us to connect not only with each other but also with those who have supported us throughout our journey.

By forgoing a traditional wedding party, the focus remained squarely on us, providing our photo and video team with the flexibility to capture dynamic, 360-degree views of the ceremony. This intentional detail not only highlighted the beauty of the Wadsworth Mansion but also resulted in an iconic shot that I had been envisioning for years.

featured in Style Me pretty at Wadsworth mansion wedding ceremony
featured in Style Me pretty at Wadsworth mansion wedding ceremony


We knew that to stand out, we needed design elements that would leave a lasting impression. From breathtaking floral installations to custom signage and unique tablescapes, we spared no detail in creating a visually stunning environment that wowed our guests and the editors alike.

Custom Built Design Elements

Publications are always on the lookout for distinctive custom design elements, so Joe and I collaborated closely to craft our flower box welcome sign and seating chart wall. We put a great deal of thought into selecting the perfect color scheme to ensure cohesiveness throughout. Drawing on my experience as a photographer, I carefully chose hues that would translate well on camera, meticulously studying my photographer’s edits to achieve the desired tone.

Strategic planning was key in bringing our vision to life. I had a clear vision of where the seating chart wall would be positioned, allowing us to construct a side panel that not only provided structural support but also enhanced the visual appeal from multiple angles. This clever design concealed the support system at the back, elevating the overall aesthetic.

Moreover, we spared no expense when it came to sourcing materials. The fabric chosen for the seating chart exudes luxury and elegance, maintaining its lush appearance both in person and in photographs.

The custom builds extended to our ceremony pillars, a project that began with a month-long search for the ideal urns. It was essential for us, as photographers, to ensure that the proportions complemented our short stature. Recognizing the significance of proportion in photography, we meticulously crafted pillars of the perfect height.

Once the pillars were complete, attention turned to painting. Carefully considering the warm tones of the Wadsworth Mansion and considering our photographers editing, we selected a shade of white that would harmonize seamlessly with the surroundings.

featured in Style Me pretty at Wadsworth mansion couples portraits

The versatility of these pillars became apparent as we repurposed them at the entrance of the cocktail hour, framing the doors beautifully. This strategic placement not only added a touch of elegance but also created a stunning accent during speeches and our first dance, serving as a testament to the thoughtful design and craftsmanship behind every element of our wedding.

DIY Design Elements

Publications adore DIY projects, and my hand-designed wedding invitation suite perfectly fit the bill. With a background in graphic design, crafting these invitations was within my skill set, albeit a labor-intensive process. Each detail, from the hand-torn edges to the delicate foiling, was meticulously executed. To honor my husband’s heritage, I incorporated traditional Lao stamps, marrying modern design with a nod to the past.

Additionally, I had the privilege of collaborating with my childhood best friend, an illustrator, who hand-drew our venue and wedding map, adding a personal touch to the suite. While publications appreciate visually stunning invitations, they cherish those that hold deeper meaning, executed with impeccable craftsmanship.

Statement Design Elements

While DIY projects are undoubtedly charming, publications also crave statement design moments that capture the imagination. Picture a breathtaking outdoor tablescape, a bar adorned with lush florals, or a Renaissance-inspired grazing table—these are the elements that elevate a wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

For our celebration, I meticulously curated these statement design moments to immerse our guests in a visual feast and to fulfill every photographer’s dream. Publications seek out weddings that showcase these key elements with flair and finesse, and we were determined to deliver nothing less.

Don’t forget the fashion!

Fashion is an integral part of the wedding design, as crucial as the tables capes themselves! That’s why, for our special day, I embraced not just one, but three distinct looks. From the excitement of getting ready, to the timeless elegance of my Martina Liana ceremony gown, to the bespoke creation by Bremelia for the reception, each ensemble was a testament to our commitment to style and sophistication.

But it wasn’t just about us; we invited our guests to join in the fashion narrative by adhering to our chosen theme and color palette. This collective effort transformed the event into a truly unforgettable experience, where every detail, from fashion to decor, played a vital role in shaping our wedding day memories

Attention to detail

It’s the little things that make all the difference. We paid meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that each element worked together harmoniously to create a cohesive and immersive experience for our guests.

Expertly designed with photography in mind

As a photographer, I bring a unique perspective to the world of design. I always consider how each element will be experienced and captured from a 360-degree angle. This approach allows my designs to be not just visually striking, but immersive, with the guest experience at the forefront of every decision.

From meticulously studying the sun and weather patterns to ensure the perfect shaded spot for our ceremony, to strategically placing the champagne table to capture stunning sun flares and the backdrop of blooming hydrangeas, every detail was carefully planned to enhance both the aesthetic and the photographic opportunities of our wedding day.

The details matter

By designing my stationery, table numbers, signs, and custom builds, I ensured uniformity in fonts and perfect color coordination. This attention to detail may seem subtle but is often overlooked when elements are designed and ordered from various sources without prior consideration. Additionally, transforming our spare ballroom into a dedicated getting-ready suite and incorporating our own dress rack was a deliberate choice to provide the ideal setting for stunning getting-ready portraits. I always advise our couples to anticipate these special moments—the first look with friends and family—and to approach them with intentionality. With a little foresight and planning, we can effortlessly capture these meaningful moments.


Even with the best planning, there’s always room for the unexpected on your wedding day. Embracing these moments with grace can lead to unforgettable memories. When a mishap occurred during our champagne toast – our tower being one tier too tall and an oversized magnum bottle handed to me instead of our veuve – I had to think fast. With a smile and strategic positioning, I made the most of the situation, knowing my photo and video team were capturing every moment. It’s moments like these that become cherished memories and add to the uniqueness of your wedding day. I believe in embracing the orchestrated beauty of a wedding, akin to a finely choreographed ballet or theater production. When each participant knows their role and executes it flawlessly, the result is a stunning experience. By prioritizing genuine connections and being present in the moment, the raw emotions shine through, creating an unforgettable day filled with love and joy.


The foundation of a truly remarkable wedding begins with assembling the right vendor team. Safeguarding your investment and ensuring a seamless, feature-worthy event demand a collective of talents that are not only equal but also seasoned in their craft. In today’s wedding landscape, roles such as wedding stylists, content creators, and wedding curators have become essential elements for delivering a luxurious experience. On my own special day, it took an entire team of planners, stylists, and makeup artists to maintain the event’s flawless appearance and ensure that I felt stunning throughout. As a wedding curator myself, I understand firsthand the significant impact this role has on both you and your guests’ experience. Having someone on hand to steam your dress, organize your flat lays, assist your visual teams, and capture stunning behind-the-scenes moments with a phone is a luxury like no other!

Interested in wedding stylist, content creation or Wedding curator?

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Taking the intentional approach to design is the ultimate step in achieving a feature-worthy wedding. Understanding what makes you as a couple unique and then collaborating with a designer who can transform those concepts into artistic experiences is key. It’s about more than just handcrafted stationary and a beautiful ballroom; it’s about infusing your day with a myriad of stunning details that tell a story beyond what meets the eye. While readers and guests may not be aware of the meticulous thought put into these designs, they’ll undoubtedly feel the depth and authenticity that will make your wedding truly stand out.

So, if you’re aiming to get featured in Style Me Pretty or The Knot, remember this: infuse your wedding with authenticity, pay attention to the details, and let your unique love story shine through. But amidst the whirlwind of planning and excitement, don’t forget to savor every moment. Your wedding day is a fleeting, beautiful blur, and the memories captured in photos and videos will serve as precious mementos for years to come. So, embrace the journey, live in the moment, and cherish every second. After all, it’s your love story unfolding before your eyes, and that’s the most beautiful feature of all.

featured in Style Me pretty at Wadsworth mansion couples portraits


While I could go on and on about each vendor, their incredible talents speak for themselves and the reason for being featured in Style Me Pretty!

Photographer – Melissa Stimpson Photography
Videographer – StopGoLove
Venue – The Wadsworth Mansion
Event Design – Kaylyn of Seamless Photography
Wedding Planner – Sarue Event Design
Floral Design – Petal By Sabrina
Custom Stationary – Kaylyn of Seamless Photography
Custom Seating Chart & Signs – Kaylyn of Seamless Photography
MUA – Bombchelle Beauty MUA
Hair –
Bridal Stylist – The Boston Bridal Stylist
Custom Wedding Reception Dress – Bremelia
Linen Rentals – BBJ La Tavola
Tablescape Rentals – Curated Rentals
Guest Illustrator – Samialynn Design
Grazing Table – Buck And Bloom
Catering – David Alan
Cake – Palmieris Cakes by Rachel
Officiant – Jp Tiffany Blake
DJ & Lighting – Dj Matt Toto

Ceremony Gown Designer @martinalianabridal
Dress Shop @vows_bridepower
Ceremony Earrings @maisonsabben
Ceremony Shoes @bellabelleshoes
Reception Earrings @oliveandpiper
Reception & Getting Ready Shoes @badgleymischka
His & Hers Wedding Scent @parfumsdemarly
Grooms Outfit @suitsupply
Barber @crybabythebarber
Ring Shop @mflynnjewelry
Ring Designer @annasheffield
Veil Designer @ericakoesler
Paper Camera Rental @papershootcamera
Dress Hanger Tags @island2mountain_designs
Custom Napkins @foryourparty
Backdrop/Photo Mats @chasingstone
Flower Girl Dresses @azazieofficial




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